HaPP!3 gREetinG Eu


Thursday, February 26, 2009

bye bye meng

Just got back from LCCT not long ago..
Keat, Yi, Jiun, Suen, Wing and i went and send him
hahax...our gang is like getting lesser every month..
the atmosphere is getting dull and bored..

Thus, i'm still eager to enjoy my every single moment with my friends
that are still here in Malaysia...
love u guys looooorr~~

Baby going penang tmr..
yerrrrr~~ leave me here =(
but i cant go also..too last minute liao..
hehex..sad sad..
sry dear... but i still love u =)
so dear better enjoy as much as i do with my friends here

want oink d..nite nite =)
love all of u and my sweetheart ..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The day arrive lerhx

hung guan finally fly to Australia..
suddenly feel d atmosphere kind of dull..
without him to lighten things up..
as he is always d noisiest in our group

so sad..
and the sadness has nt been cover back yet
and meng want to go back AUS liao..

EMO LA~!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hubby =)

i will try my vry best to make u feel safe again
ssry if i always hurt or say mean thing to u dear

i really really appreciate a lot on wat u had done for me....
i swear in my life that no matter how,...
we will nvr be apart yea dear.....


Sry KaiLing =(

KHOR KAI LING, my bf and i,
both are feeling very sry for ytd

He insulted u ( dats why he is sry)
and i dinn stand up for you...BUT laugh at his words
dats y i am sry...
no more next time babe =)

i promise u...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lock your hearts

my Hubby's heart is lock by me (:
i am so proud abt it ...
he is always mine d...mwahhahahaha <3

lub lub darliinq~~

ytd was our anniversary lei..
damn..lucky d plan on..
if not, i going to sit a corner of d wall whole day and emo

on 17 th january 2009
his car de engine something wrg again..
lucky is almost at kota kemuning entrance..
so we just walk to mcd
and den his cousin wee liam pick us up
and den fetch me home..
so shui =.=

however, i enjoy lorhx =D
vry vry fun nei..
i wearing heals and walk and walk and walk
yeng lei ??? <3
though it was fun, i was quite upset
cuz i was afraid dat our big day will cancel..

UNTILL i figure out dat i can drive
stupid me..I KNOW ~.~

lucky on hor baby?
we go 1u and watch "they wait"
it's not scary but the ghost sudden appear..
almost give us a heart attack lei..

i got jump la when it scare me
i dun remember dear got a not..
as far as i can remember..
he only hug me tightly =)
so sweeettt...

lub u dear


Saturday, January 17, 2009

no worries dear

happy anniversary dear <3
lub u always..

hope there is 3rd de anniversary =)


why so many ppl brk de nowadays ..
very scary de lei...

new year all sad sad thing 1 ...

dont know my relationship can
a not..